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In the beef cattle industry today, South Devon cattle deliver necessary traits for success. They are an English breed that can outcross with other English and Continental cattle breeds.

Tests and years of selective breeding on five continents show that South Devon cattle are feed efficient, fertile and maternal, with superior carcass traits. They are well-known for their longevity and 100’s of years of docility are bred right into their genetics.

These economically important traits combine a uniform approach and balance to commercial and registered ranching and feeding operations with the use of South Devon genetics.

Profit driven cow/calf operations are looking for a level of fertility, low feed intake, high weaning weight production and calf value that South Devon can deliver. In the feedlot, lower feed intake and carcass merit are a compliment of the South Devon breed.

In North America South Devon cattle are primarily polled and can be found in black or red-hided genetics.

Cattle operations using South Devon genetics can increase their profitability with a breed suitable for any North American geographic location.

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