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Members of the North American South Devon Association (NASDA) have many opportunities available through their membership to promote South Devon cattle. The association offers registry services, including ownership transfers, birth, weaning and yearling data, inventory reports, production summary’s and cattle evaluation.

In continuing efforts to stress performance and productivity the association recognizes the superior females and bulls in the breed with an annual Hallmark Dam, Main Sire and Genetic Indicator Sire listing. Trait leaders are also recognized with a Balanced Trait List, Birth Weight, Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight, Maternal Weaning Weight, Milk, Scrotal Circumference and Carcass Weight Trait Leader listing.

An annual Sire Summary magazine is published each year, giving members the opportunity to promote their individual herds and share the performance data with purebred and commercial producers.

Members also have the opportunity to participate in NASDA sponsored events, leadership activities and committee work, including, Foundation, Promotions and Publications, Show and Sale, Rules and Ethics, Awards, Carcass, Performance and DNA, Junior Advisory, Finance, Regions and University and Research.

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